Sagre in Sicilia in primavera
27th Ramacca Artichoke Feast held on 31st March and 1-2-7-8-9 April 2017
19 March 2017
Live 2017 Carmen Consoli Tour at the greek-roman theatre in Catania 8 – 9 – 10 June 2017
23 June 2017

Run Catania 2017 il 14th May from Piazza Università

Marcia di beneficenza per reparto pediatrico Ospedale Garibaldi

Sunday, May 14 is scheduled Corri Catania, the “marathon” open solidarity to all, the yearly non profit event open to everyone in our beautiful catanese spring.
This year, in the wake of 2016, is running for the “Hospital Color” and, so, after the renovation of the Pediatric Emergency Department at the Garibaldi-Nesima, successfully inaugurated in early December, the funds raised through Run Catania 2017 staging will be directed to the Area child Pediatric Hospital in Catania in order to make it clear the hospitalization of young patients, providing them with the best possible welcome.